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In accordance with the requirements of the FAIR Act of 1998, the following is a list of activities performed in-house by Federal employees that are not inherently governmental functions. The non-inherently governmental functions are listed under various reason codes prescribed in Appendix 2 of OMB Circular No. A-76. DOI's Year 2004 inventory contains more than 12,700 line item entries that reflect the highly dispersed nature of Interior's organization at over 2400 locations across the nation.

Commercial activities performed by Federal employees and listed in DOI's FAIR Act inventory are to be reviewed for the purpose of deciding whether to continue in-house performance or to outsource the performance of the activity.

The following explanations of Reason Code apply to the Year 2004 FAIR Inventory.

A The commercial activity is not appropriate for private sector performance pursuant to a written determination by the Competitive Sourcing Official (CSO).
B The commercial activity is suitable for a streamlined or standard competition.
B1 The commercial activity is suitable for outside agency performance however must be awarded in accordance with the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (PL 93-638) and other related laws governing the use of preferential procurement source.
C The commercial activity is the subject of an in-progress streamlined or standard competition.
D The commercial activity is performed by government personnel as the result of a standard or streamlined competition (or a cost comparison, streamlined & cost comparison, or direct conversion) within the past five years.
E The commercial activity is pending an agency approved restructuring decision (e.g., closure, realignment).
F The commercial activity is performed by government personnel due to statutory prohibition against private sector performance.


The official for the Department of the Interior who coordinates all FAIR inventory activities is Rob Gordon, and questions of a general nature may be addressed to him on (202) 208-6704. Questions about any specific portion of the inventory should be directed to the appropriate Responsible Official.

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